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Our clinic specializes in providing regenerative therapies for clients with chronic pain, back pain, muscle/tendon/ligament injuries, arthritis, using safe, natural and advanced Stem Cell Therapy treatments. Call us today at (904) 567-5338 to schedule your consultation.

4540 Southside Blvd. #401, Jacksonville, FL 32216

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(904) 567-5338

4540 Southside Blvd #401

Jacksonville, FL 32216


Wellness with a Personal Touch

At Regenerative Medicine of North Florida, our goal is to treat the whole patient

and not just the disease. We’ve worked hard to become the number one place that you can go to get natural solutions to your pain. We offer one of a kind service and one-on-one treatment that is aimed at maximizing results in the shortest amount of time possible.

Stem Cell Therapists | Jacksonville, FL

steven burack

Dr. Steven Burack, DO

Dr. Steven Burack, DO is a physical medicine & rehabilitation specialist who has practiced throughout Florida during the last 12 years. He graduated from New York College of Osteopathic Medicine / New York Institute of Technology and specializes in physical medicine & rehabilitation and pain management.

tammy leydig

Tammie Marie Leydig MSN, FNP-BC, RN-BC

Tammie Leydig is our resident nurse practitioner. She has over 22 years experience in the medical field and has worked in every practice environment imaginable. She is is the recipient of a prestigious Research Fellowship at the University Hospital Elyria Medical Center and holds certifications in Medical-Surgical Nursing and as a Family Nurse Practitioner.

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