Joint Pain Therapy: An Alternative To Help Avoid Knee Replacement Surgery?

Like everything in life, the more we use something, the quicker it wears down. This can also be compared to using our bodies, especially our knees and other joints that are naturally sensitive to the wear and tear.

When the knee loses cartilage, you will be searching for a bone on bone pain relief solution because the cushion that used to be there doesn’t exist anymore. The first thing people think about when their knees are wearing down is TKR (total knee replacement).

First of all, knee replacement surgery has its place. It should be reserved as a last resort. But there are people who will swear by it. Yet, it is always a risk to have major surgery. Plus, it can cost you lots of time and money as you will be recuperating from the surgery.

Second, the number of technological advancements and research findings in healthcare today will blow you away and get you really excited.

Finally, if you are experiencing serious pain in your knees you are probably not able to move around as good as you used to. Explore the options and take advantage of medical advancements in today’s world.

With that being said, its exactly why you should look into stem cell therapy, and then maybe give it a try.

Causes of Knee Pain

Whether your knees have been wearing down over time or you suddenly damaged a joint, the pain will likely get worse over time. Arthritis is one of the leading causes of joint pain.

Other causes include:

  • Tendonitis
  • Ligament damage (ACL / MCL)
  • Wear and Tear
  • Osteonecrosis
  • Muscle Strain

One of the most common causes of pain in joints is the loss of cartilage around the joint. The cartilage provides a cushion for your joints, and when its damaged or deteriorating, the pain increases tremendously.

Unfortunately, cartilage doesn’t grow back on its own, and for a long time, the default way to deal with the pain is to cover it up with cortisone or gel shots as well as prescribe dangerous painkillers. This standard way of treatment is a one-way ticket to getting a TKR.

Granted, the knee replacement would, and still do, allow you to go back to doing what you love to do. But the risks along the path as well as the level of returning to your normal activities makes this option, once again, an absolute last resort.

Medical Advancements That You Really Need To Know About.

With the introduction of stem cell therapy, many people feel that the rush to surgery mindset will be eliminated.  Even if you’re bone on bone.

Let’s look into this a bit further.

Stem Cells Therapy For Bone on Bone

If you’re a knee patient, you have probably been told that your joints are bone on bone. This is because the cartilage in the knee joint has been damaged, or has deteriorated. But what most people don’t realize is that just because you’re told your joint is bone on bone does not mean that you have no cartilage left at all. That is very important.

How does this relate to Stem Cells?

Stem cells are essential building blocks of our body. So the injection into your joint essentially goes to work on rebuilding what the body is in need of getting repaired. So the deficient portion of your cartilage may be rebuilt as a result of the injection. It is extremely rare that a person would have zero cartilage left so even if you have a portion of your cartilage left, then regenerative cell therapy is still an option that you should consider.

The use of stem cells regenerates the tissue around the joints where the procedure is taken place. It requires a simple injection in the knee and immediately gets to work.


Once you decide to go with stem cell therapy over a knee replacement surgery, your cartilage may start to rejuvenate, eliminating or reducing bone on bone pain in your knee. The anti-inflammatory aspects of the injection also will help lend to reducing your pain.

Why Stem Cell Therapy vs Knee Replacement Surgery?

For starters, stem cell therapy is a minimally invasive procedure, while knee replacement surgery is not. Like we said before, going with the surgery is always risky as well as the dangers associated with opioids. However, there is a better option and its very natural.

Let’s check out why you should try stem cell therapy and avoid knee replacement surgery:


The procedure with stem cell therapy is much quicker than surgery. An injection vs a full surgery – it’s a no brainer.

It’s very natural because stem cells are your body’s natural healing agents and not a synthetic man-made pharma product.

Healing / Recovery Time

Anytime your body undergoes a serious surgery, you’ll need to rest, recoup and then rehab. You will most likely have to pause your physical activity and that can last for months. Worst case scenario your mobility will be severely limited.

Stem cell knee injections, on the other hand, can speed up the healing process due to an immediate injection of stem cells that will help rejuvenate the lack of cartilage around the joint. You walk into the office and then walk out of the office in less than an hour.

The best part?

Your daily routine should stay the same. In fact, in a few weeks from the procedure, you should be able to increase your physical activity levels.

Future Procedures

Stem cell procedure lowers the risk of future arthritic damages and can heal the ligaments naturally so that they become as stronger vs removing your natural body parts and putting in plastic and metal that will need removed and replaced in the future.

This also avoids the traumatic surgery required so there is less room for error and a faster recovery. If you ever needed to get stem cell treatment again in the future, at least it’s an easier process than surgery.

You could end up getting more than one TKR, or total knee replacement. That means you will be going under for surgery again. We all know how traumatic that can be.

Choosing The Right Option for You.

By now, you should completely understand the benefits of stem cell therapy for knees, and you should consider giving it a try.

Like anything, make sure you get your questions answered. You’ll want to discover if you’re a candidate. Medical advancement is soaring and because of that, there is a groundbreaking pain relief solution for your knee. It’s time to get rid of that bone on bone pain and start living your life with less pain. Stem cell therapy could be your best option. Give us a call to learn more.

Tiffany Campbell
Tiffany Campbell

Tiffany Campbell has over 12 years in clinical research. She has been the Executive Director at a leading institute and worked at Indiana University, Regenstrief & Indiana Clinical Translational Sciences Institute. She's been an international consultant with multiple clients including Google. Tiffany is a behavioral economics geek who loves her family including her pet Pomsky 'Luna' who has a special place in her heart. She has a passion & drives to create & grow products and businesses that change peoples' lives for the better.
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