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Bulging Disc Causes Back Pain
Back Pain Alternative To Surgery

People seeking stem cell shots for back pain in Jacksonville FL typically are struggling with a painful back condition that’s sucked the joy out of your life. And if you’re afraid of the old-timer’s remedies that should be displayed in a museum in Jacksonville and not performed on your body then you’re not alone.

Millions of people have chronic lower back pain, and they don’t know how to remedy the situation. It’s a monstrous problem that causes 150 million lost workdays and billions of dollars in lost revenue.

Standard Treatments for Back Pain

Though lower back pain tends to afflict older folks more, it doesn’t discriminate and can affect anyone. More and more people are getting afflicted as they enter the aging bracket of the population. Degeneration happens over some time, so back pain develops over time. Pain may manifest as a tingling sensation then worsen into the feeling of a disc rupture.

Current remedies and treatment for back pain aren’t effective. In fact, the amount of people with failed back surgery in Jacksonville Fl is alarming. As well as the number of people who are currently taking pain medications. Too many times patients may have to undergo physical therapies and therapeutic injections too. In worst-case scenarios, invasive surgeries like spinal fusion may be used to treat back pain. These treatments can’t restore maximum function. Plus, the patient has to undergo lengthy rehabilitation, so the risk of ongoing pain or dysfunction remains.

Cortisone shots for pain are commonly used to calm irritation and soothe inflamed nerves in the back. The problem is they work only for some time, so patients have to go for multiple doses just to keep the pain in check. However, the high dosage comes with adverse side effects that include a reduced ability for the body to heal itself through regeneration. Eventually, he or she has to undergo surgery to correct the problem.

Even more worrying is the rampant use of opioids, a pandemic that has swept across the USA. More than 30,000 people lost their lives needlessly because of overdosing on pain medication. Many of those deaths were a result of addiction to opioids such as oxycodone and methadone. You don’t have to take this route if you got herniated discs or strained muscles or tore some ligaments, stem cells for back pain could turn your fortunes around.

Stem Cell Treatments for Back Pain

Sciatica is a common problem that often manifests as burning back pain. It’s caused by a bulge in the lumbar disc which irritates nerve roots. Pain relief medication can ease the pain, but won’t address the root problem. That’s where stem cell therapy comes in. As well as treating lumbar back pain, stem cell injections can treat degenerative disc disease and hernia, underlying conditions among many patients.

What’s the “magic” behind it?

Well, the principle that underpins stem cell therapy is that the body can heal itself through regenerating cells and parts, and stem cells are the catalysts that are used to stimulate healing. Administered early, they can change the course of painful injuries or back pain and improve your quality of life considerably.

Stem cell shots for back pain trigger a concentrated stimulus-response healing in areas that would have otherwise not healed on their own. With a high success rate, the therapy helps repair joints and strengthens weak ligaments and tendons while reducing pain. Side effects are minimal, and the risks are next to zero. If you’re interested, visit our medical facility for a quick assessment.

There’s really no clear-cut guideline on who qualifies for stem cell shot for back pain in Jacksonville, FL and who doesn’t need it. Age isn’t a factor as long as you’re in good health. In fact, the majority of patients who undergo this procedure are senior citizens in retirement. Also, it doesn’t really matter when you were injured or how long you’ve been in pain. As long as you have no infection or underlying medical condition, you’re good to undergo stem cell therapy.

Could Stem Cell Therapy Help You Avoid Surgery?


That’s a question that we often hear from patients who dread going under the knife—and the answer is yes. Many people dread surgery because it’s an invasive procedure that’s both risky and painful. Worse, complications could arise, and the recovery process is often long-drawn. In between medication, a patient has to go through physiotherapy and adjust his or lifestyle.

Thanks to regenerative medicine, those who’ve been plagued by chronic back pain can now resolve their problem once and for all. Medical professionals can administer stem cell shots for back pain within minutes. The procedure is more effective than physiotherapy and yields lasting results.

Some patients dread the thought of going under the knife. Don’t worry if you’re among them. Stem cell therapy may help you avoid back surgery. It’s a fast procedure. Since it is non-invasive in nature, there are no hospital stays and no risks associated with it as you’d have with even a one-day hospital stay.

It is not uncommon for just one stem cell injection to the area that needs treatment, and that one stem cell shot is enough to help you live a  life of significantly reduced pain years. The injection secretes factors that rebuilt tissue, and this help rejuvenates damaged or herniated discs.

Just like surgery, stem cell therapy is not guaranteed. Yet, the results have been very exciting.

What kind of stem cells are used to treat back pain?


We use human umbilical cord therapy (HUCT) to treat chronic pain in the back and degenerative disc disease. The process involves extracting stem cells from umbilical cord stem cells and injecting them to a tendon or joint to aid healing. You will feel the same type of discomfort as a flu shot. In other words, it’s very tolerable. There are some exceptions as with all things, but the overwhelming majority of patients say it’s over so quickly and the results are so good that they often want to come back to get more treatments for other areas of pain.


Stem cell shots for back pain is in the US is very popular in remedying lower back pain and related problems. It can reduce nerve irritation, soothe inflammation and aid the degeneration of discs and in some cases helps to repair some of the damage. Whereas many interventions treat the symptoms, stem cell shots go to the root and deal with the underlying problem.

Tiffany Campbell
Tiffany Campbell

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