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Our clinic specializes in providing regenerative therapies for clients with chronic pain, back pain, muscle/tendon/ligament injuries, arthritis, using safe, natural and advanced Stem Cell Therapy treatments. Call us today at (904) 567-5338 to schedule your consultation.

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Elbow Pain in Jacksonville

Stem Cell Therapy For Elbow Pain in Jacksonville

Elbow Pain in Jacksonville Stem Cell Therapy in Jacksonville DEGENERATION OF THE ELBOW Medial and Lateral Epicondylitis, also known as “tennis elbow” and “Golfer's elbow” are two of the most common forms of elbow pain in Jacksonville. Approximately 80-95 percent of patients have success with nonsurgical treatment. If you've been...

Hip and Back Pain

ST. LOUIS - Often people go to the doctor for lower back or hip pain, but the source of the pain is not always as it appears. Dr. Richard Covert, Medical Director of the Comprehensive Back Pain Program at SSM  Health DePaul hospital, says patients can...

Pain and depression: Is there a link?

Pain and depression are closely related. Depression can cause pain — and pain can cause depression. Sometimes pain and depression create a vicious cycle in which pain worsens symptoms of depression, and then the resulting depression worsens feelings of pain. In many people, depression causes unexplained...