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Our clinic specializes in providing regenerative therapies for clients with chronic pain, back pain, muscle/tendon/ligament injuries, arthritis, using safe, natural and advanced Stem Cell Therapy treatments. Call us today at (904) 567-5338 to schedule your consultation.

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4540 Southside Blvd #401

Jacksonville, FL 32216

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Which Jax FL Stem Cell Clinic You Should Choose?|S.A.F.E. Is Your Answer -Here’s Why.

The remarkable results associated with stem cell therapy are continuing to make the news. If you're watching the news in the Jacksonville, Florida area then you're probably seeing news stories talking about stem cell injections for knees and hips and a number of different locations. A popular method for getting the stem cells is to extract them from your hip and utilize them after they are processed. This is a proven...

5 Reasons To Choose Stem Cell Doctors In Jacksonville FL vs Surgery

Stem Cell Therapy has rapidly been gaining popularity for joint repair and treating pain.  Scientists are calling this a "new era for Stem Cell Therapy in Jax FL" with the promising results of Human Umbilical Mesenchymal Stem Cells (or HUMCS for short...

Regenerative Cell Therapy Shot vs Knee Replacement Surgery|Florida You Decide?

The big question always in the mind of a person who has real knee pain and challenges. "Do I need a replacement or should I just keep taking painkillers?" That sounds like two really challenging options, but now there is a better option for many people. Stem cell shots for knees and other joints are a great option.  The addiction is real. Your pain is real. Don't cover the pain with pills. Regenerate...

How To Choose A Stem Cell Clinic In Florida.

Selecting a Florida location to get stem cell treatment is a difficult decision because you have so many options. We're going to cover 4 things most people don't consider. Most people are already thinking about questions like: Does the FDA regulate stem cell therapy? The answer to this question is yes, it has for a long time because bone marrow or blood transplant procedures are routinely used to treat patients with cancer...