Foot and Ankle Arthritis Pain Treatment Options

Arthritis affects so many people. The effects are for the people in pain as well as for the people who have to watch their loved ones suffer.

The challenges of arthritis increase as we age and almost 50% of people between the ages of 59-80 will have to deal with the pain of arthritis in their joints. Especially in their feet.

Did you know you had 26 bones and 33 joints in your foot!

Arthritis foot pain

And since arthritis is the inflammation of joints. It’s no wonder that so many people suffer from arthritic pains in their feet. 

The pain is not the same for all people. In fact, the foot issues when it comes to arthritis may show up in the form of misformed toes to incredible stiffness and tender joints. And although it’s odd to say that numbness can hurt, it truly does and the burning tingling can shoot electric sharp pain jolts through your foot which makes it practically impossible to walk normally.

When your daily routine is controlled by pain then you have to constantly be seeking methods to get relief.


FACT: Almost 20% of the U.S. suffers from various types of arthritis.

Foot and Ankle Arthritis Treatment

The inflammation and deterioration of the joints in the foot can progress fast due to the weight-bearing associated with walking and running. Even losing weight may help, but it won’t relieve the pains because the stiffness and grinding of the joints are not just due to the weight, but it is also a function of the joints moving, or attempting to move as your walk. 

As your joints wear over time there will be less cartilage which eventually leads to a bone-on-bone grinding joint which is extremely painful. The grinding action can actually lead to bone growths which limit motion even more as well as leads to misshapen and painful ankles, and or feet. 

Each of the aforementioned challenges is often the results of previous injuries and or the aging process. OA and RA may both a result of an injury.

Common locations for the pain to strike are any joint that allows for pivoting such as your ankle, big toe, and even your hindfoot. Just think of any area that moves as you walk, stand, jump or run and that is a common area for arthritis to strike.

The reduced flexibility combined with the pain leads to crippling that leads to the need to use a cane, walker, or even a wheelchair.

The degradation of your foot and associating pain often leads to mental depression. The mental depression combined with the high level of pain often leads people down the dark road of taking pain pills. That’s why getting the right treatment for arthritis is so important.

How Stem Cells May Help With Foot and Ankle Pain

Regenerative medicine is not a cure for arthritis. As of the writing of this article, there is not a cure for arthritis. Yet, the use of stem cells has proven to be an excellent way to help reduce the inflammation which is a strong culprit of the pains associated with arthritis. 

In addition, the inflammation severely restricts the joints in your feet and ankles, so with less inflammation, the ability to walk with fewer restrictions is often possible.

It’s important to note that regenerative medicine is drastically different than cortisone or gel shots that are often prescribed for joint pain issues.

Cortisone covers up the pain, and it also accelerated the joint damage. Gel shots are not designed to do much in terms of anti-inflammatory response, but it may lead to slightly better lubrication of a joint. 

Anckle Pain

The big difference with stem cells is they are designed to reduce the inflammation and they may also help to regenerate cartilage that is missing in the joints which adds the natural cushion that your joints were designed to work with. So the possibility of regenerating the cartilage and bone, plus the anti-inflammatory properties of stem cells make this option an extremely attractive option for people who are suffering from foot and ankle pains.

The ultimate goal of curing arthritis is the only real solution for arthritic pains. You can do things to help alleviate the pains. And it is vital that what you do does not end up causing you to suffer even more in the long run like cortisone shots.

Yet, stem cells and their powerful anti-inflammatory response gives you the safest and a highly effective reprieve from this evil non-discriminatory health challenge.

Will it work for you? Are you a candidate? These questions and more can only be answered in a one on one consultation with one of our trained medical professionals. Sometimes just a little less inflammation can be the difference between your pain being a level 10 or just a level 3 or 4. For some people, they say they even have days when the pain is even lower.

But we do not want to build false hope. Stem cells are not guaranteed just like surgeries to replace joints are not guaranteed. 

We strongly encourage you to give regenerative cellular therapy a shot. Yes, pun intended.

Get your questions answered and discover if you’re a candidate. You can attend a no-obligation seminar in your area or just give us a call. To find out the dates and locations of the next seminar just click here. Or you can give us a call. There’s no obligation.

We look forward to speaking with you soon.

Remember, you may be able to ‘gut it out’ when it comes to you having pain, but when you loved ones see you suffer, they suffer too. If you can help them see you suffer a bit less then you both win. Learn more about how stem cells may be a vacation from the jail that arthritis wants to keep you locked up in.

Give us a call or attend a local seminar. When you call here’s what you can expect.

We will give you the date and time and location of local free educational seminars. When you attend the seminar it will answer the most frequently asked questions, as well as the events, give you a ton of information to help you determine if you feel you’d like to learn even more. If you decide you want to learn more about if you’re a candidate. Then you can schedule a consultation with the doctor and that is when you’ll decide based upon what the doctors and you discuss if you’d be a candidate and then you can discuss the investment to get the treatment as well as any options you may want for paying for the services. We have convenient monthly payment options that fit most budgets, even if you have a fixed income. Most patients are excited to discover that the monthly payment is many times less than what they are paying for cable.

So give us a call or attend a free event.

Tiffany Campbell
Tiffany Campbell

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