No Cost X-ray or MRI Review

Want a FREE Second Opinion On Your Recent X-ray or MRI?

Most doctors will charge $250 to provide a second opinion. We are providing this service for no charge (you must provide the complete information listed below).
After reviewing your case history, MRIs and/or X-rays, our doctors can provide you with:

  • Additional knowledge about your diagnosis.
  • Additional knowledge about treatment options.
  • Additional opportunity to ask new questions you may not have asked the first doctor.

With this additional information, patients are able to compare diagnosis and treatment results between two physicians and confirm the diagnosis and treatment plan are correct.

  • Make more informed decisions about your health care or your loved one’s healthcare.
  • May help alleviate confusion.
  • You may gain more confidence and peace of mind as to the best option for you and your specific case.

To Receive Your Free x-ray or MRI Review:

Your X-ray or MRI Must Be:

  • Taken within the past six months
  • Include weight-bearing images

If you do not have x-rays we can provide a prescription that will allow you to receive an x-ray through a local imaging provider.

You Must Provide the Following Information:

  • Patient Full Name
  • Patient E-mail
  • Patient Phone Number
  • Patient History
  • Age, Height & Weight
  • Have you had any recent injections?
  • Are you taking anti-inflammatory medication?
  • Are you a diabetic?
  • Do you have heart problems?
  • Have you had prior surgery?


x-ray review
To receive your free x-ray or MRI evaluation, please call us at 904-567-5338 or email us at:

Please have your health history and imaging information available for your phone call or submit it with your email.

Mail Films or CD to:
Regenerative Medicine Of North Florida ATTN: X-Ray Department 4540 Southside Blvd STE 401, Jacksonville, FL 32216