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Jacksonville Florida -Is Stem Cell Therapy Is The New Best Option To Replace Joint Replacement Surgery?

Jacksonville Florida -Is Stem Cell Therapy Is The New Best Option To Replace Joint Replacement Surgery?

Stem Cell Therapy Is The New Best Option To Replace Joint Replacement Surgery?

Stem cell therapy is the new best option to replace joint replacement surgery and there’s a lot of people who are not happy with this information.

Here’s why.

The people who are profiting from joint replacement stand to lose billions upon billions of dollars if regenerative medicine continues to be so successful. That’s a FACT.

So keep this in mind as you hear the various people speaking negatively about stem cell therapy because they just may be trying to protect their wallet and not your joint.

Now, let’s cover just a few things about joint replacement surgery and regenerative cell therapy.

Our joints such as our knees and hips are very susceptible to being worn down by daily life. Deteriorating joints can deeply impact our lives, even when it comes to regular, everyday activities. For instance, a worn down knee could become a big obstacle for basic actions such as bending, running, walking and lifting heavy objects using leg-strength.

The pains that the person endures has a ripple effect.

Think about this. Have you ever watched someone you love experience pain? How did it make you feel? So keep that in mind if you’re the one in pain and you have people who love you who are having to watch you be in pain. Yes, you may be able to ‘gut it out’ and ‘grin and bear it’, but what about the people you love? And what about the experiences that you and the people you love can no longer do because you’re in pain?

Pain is an evil taskmaster who does not discriminate.

Hazards of Joint Replacement Surgery

Once the joint pain worsens and starts to reduce our quality of life, we usually go see a doctor. The doctor might suggest getting a hip or knee replacement surgery. This can be a frightening scenario, as there are many risks and potential complications involved in any joint replacement surgery.

Some of the potential problems and issues include:

  • Blood clots.


  • Rejection of the replacement materials by the body’s immune system.


  • Bad reactions to the anesthesia used during the operation.


  • Hip implants can fail due to smoking, corrosion, or hypersensitivity, among other causes.


  • Addiction to painkillers that are prescribed post-surgery.


  • Complications from surgery leading to other issues, or even death.


  • Overly long recovery times for joint replacement surgery.


  • Increased risk of any of these issues occurring as you get older.


Why You Really Should Consider Stem Cell Therapy.

An option that many people haven’t yet considered is stem cell joint therapy as opposed to joint replacement surgery.

Stem cell therapies treatments have advanced steadily over the years, and they should now be considered a viable option for treating chronic or severe joint pain.

There are many cases where patients were informed that they were “bone on bone,” but after their stem cell therapy treatments, they were surprised to learn that they didn’t need to have any surgery done.

Stem cells can be thought of as a sort of “building blocks” of our bodies. Each person’s stem cells are located in our blood, adipose tissues, and in our bone marrow.

Modern medical advancements now allow us to get stem cells from healthy umbilical cords so you don’t have to endure the painful surgical extraction associated with adipose tissue and bone marrow.

From stem cells, the body can produce the cells that may help rebuild joints, bone, muscles, cartilage, and ligaments, among other parts of the body. In fact, each of us has stem cells that are constantly regenerating and healing various organs and tissues within us.

Stem cell therapy treatment can take advantage of a patient’s own cells to repair damaged or worn down joints.

The best news about stem cell therapy treatment for joints is that these stem cell joint injections can alleviate the very need for surgery by the possibility of healing the cartilage or other parts of the body that have worn down or suffered injury.

Rather than having a knee or hip replaced with an artificial joint-like device, stem cell therapy for joints can lead to fresh and healthy tissues that have recovered from their previous deteriorated condition.

Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy Treatment for Joints


  • The procedure can be performed in just one day, typically lasting only a short time.


  • When compared with surgery, stem cell therapy procedures are much quicker.


  • Stem cell treatment is a natural healing process since it’s stem cells repairing your joint damage. NO DRUGS.


  • Initial consultations, preliminary exams, and treatment strategies are performed at a low.


  • No real recovery time after the stem cell procedure: rather than weeks or months after surgery.


  • Daily routine should not change. Unlike surgery, which often leads to long periods of immobility or extremely reduced mobility of joints.




Living with chronic or severe joint pain can be a living nightmare.

Though replacement surgeries for joints were the only viable option in the past for potentially relieving people of joint pain, it’s no longer our only option. Joint replacement surgery can be  They still have their place, and there are times when it may be your best option. But it most often should be the LAST resort and not the first thought.

THR and TKR are costly, dangerous, and saddle the patient with a lengthy recovery process even when the procedure is a complete success (which many times the surgery is a failure).

Stem cell therapy treatment for damaged or worn joints is a safer, cost-effective, and more efficient process that allows the patient to go back to enjoying life faster and in a more natural way than joint replacement surgery ever could.


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