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Joint pain doctors are often pain specialists, but too often they may not be using stem cell therapy in the Jacksonville, Florida area.

Though we’ve made tremendous advancements in healthcare, many chronic conditions such as knee pain, inflammation, and joint pain still have limited treatment options. This explains why millions of people in the USA have to endure years of pain from injury and immobility that only gets worse when they grow old. The qualified joint pain doctors in Jacksonville can turn things around painlessly.

There’s light at the end of the tunnel. Non-invasive regenerative procedures such as stem cell therapy and platelet injection treatments hold the key to resolving many problems such as arthritis, immobility, and chronic pain. Both require precision and understanding of the body’s healing powers, so they can’t be replicated on a surgery table or in a chiropractor’s clinic.

Almost everyone experiences knee pain at one point in life. It could be a result of arthritis, injury to the ligaments, menisci tear, or a baker’s cyst (a condition where synovial fluid accumulates at the back of the knee). When the pain or injury becomes unbearable, most people turn to invasive surgery and steroids to remedy the situation, but it does it really help?

A study published in the British Medical Journal shows that interventions such as meniscectomies have no real benefit to the patient. Add to that the trauma of undergoing invasive surgery and the painful road to recovery that could take months, and you’ll appreciate why knee stem cell therapy is the best recourse for chronic knee pain.  That’s where the Joint pain doctors in Jacksonville come in with their safe, effective, and non-invasive procedures.

Joint pains from injury or aging?  Stem cells may help

Injury or arthritis is a common problem among people who experience elbow pain. Steroid injections offer temporary relief but worsen the condition. Plus there’s no scientific proof to show that invasive surgery can remedy the situation. If anything, the risk of relapse and infection or deterioration remains real.

What’s the best route or alternative therapy to surgery? Stem cell therapy is the answer to all chronic pain be it in the knees, elbows, hip, or neck. This wonderful procedure triggers the body’s healing processing by regenerating new and healthy tissue. Within a few weeks, parts that were incapacitated by pain start recovering.

Stem cell treatment is useful in treating shoulder pain a problem that afflicts older citizens more than any other group plus many joint problems. From labrum tears to rotator cuff tears to osteoarthritis, this non-surgical procedure helps restore the strength and the mobility of injured shoulders and at the same time reduces pain. The good thing is that downtime is almost half that of shoulder surgery, and you won’t need pain killers to alleviate the pain or costly and torturous rehabs.  

When people suffer hip pain bursitis, they’re more inclined to go for surgery than stem cell treatment from qualified joint pain doctors in Jacksonville. The truth is hip resurfacing and knee replacement surgery can’t solve injuries or problem. If anything, it can make the situation worse as patients have to endure pain and discomfort for months.

We encourage you to consider HUCT stem cell injections to help remedy the situation.

It may be an image-guided procedure, or regular injection of stem cells or platelets in a specific part of your hip to help your body regenerate new cells. This process taps your body’s natural healing mechanism. It’s safe and highly effective.

It is common to get pain relief fairly quickly, and your elbow, knee or hip or area of treatment will be on its path back to a better state.  You don’t have to worry about the risk of tissue damage or nerve injury, problems that are common with surgical interventions. These are unheard-off when you undergo stem cell treatment.

Where do stem cells come from?

We use mesenchymal stem cells derived from donated umbilical cord tissue, but stem cells can also be derived from a patient’s blood, bone marrow, or fat tissue. We just prefer cord blood stem cells as they’re more proliferate and potent. The donated umbilical cord is from a healthy mom who gave birth to a healthy baby.

Some stem cells may be harvested from the bone marrow in the pelvic bone using a syringe and needle, a process known as bone marrow aspiration. The other option is to derive stem cells from blood samples that collected or extracted from adipose fat using liposuction or surgery.

Once again, we do not do the surgical extraction that requires a large gauge needle to plunge into your hip bone or into your fatty tissue. There is no surgery with our treatments. A simple shot that many people say is less painful than a common flu shot.

Am I eligible for joint pain treatment using stem cells?

That’s a question we can answer after your consultation.  So, please attend a complimentary seminar and then book an appointment at the earliest opportunity available.

That doesn’t mean everyone qualifies for this type of treatment, though. We will make a recommendation based on your individual case.

It should be noted that health insurance does not pay for stem cell therapy, but we do have options to help you pay for the treatment. To learn more about stem cell costs click here.

It’s very important to know that insurance companies do not cover stem cell therapy or treatment. Be prepared to pay for the procedure out of pocket. The benefits far outweigh every dollar spent on this type of intervention.

How do I know when I should seek stem cell treatment?

Pain should not be making decisions for you. If you find yourself taking pills, and not doing the things you want to do because of chronic joint pain or disorders then there’s a good chance you’re overdue to look into how stem cell therapy may help you. You are the one who understands your problem, be it hip pain, elbow pain, or back pain. If you’ve been struggling with any of these problems for many years, then you’re a prime candidate for stem cell therapy.

You deserve to have the highest quality of life that you can possibly attain and stem cell therapy maybe your best option to reduce pain and gain mobility and take your life back out of the control of pain. Give us a call.


Tiffany Campbell
Tiffany Campbell

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