Stem Cell Costs

The stem cell costs in the Jacksonville Florida area continue to become more and more affordable over time.

Most people think that the use of stem cells in the medical world is brand new, but the history of stem cell therapy dates back to the 1950s. Most people are familiar with bone marrow transplants which are now very common. But when it first came out it was said to not be proven scientifically, just like some people are saying some of the stem cell injections are. The cost of bone marrow transplants was tremendous.

In fact, insurance would not pay for bone marrow transplants for a very long time even though it was clearly saving lives. 

The principles behind bone marrow transplants and stem cell therapy that most people talk about today are basically the same. Due to advancements in medical technology a donor’s cells are able to be used to help another person regain health.

And the truth of the matter is that the cells do all of the work in conjunction with your body. It’s not a drug that is causing the healing of joints or the healing of a disease when we reference bone marrow transplants. Basically, all the therapy or transplant does is to give the body the best chance to do what it is designed to do and that is to heal itself or regenerate.

The cost of regenerative medicine varies. The technology to make the cells available as well as the advancements in ways to make the cells viable leads to the costs being what they are.

Your individual costs will have several variables including, but not limited to:

  • The number of joints that you need to be treated.
  • The amount of damage you have that lead to your medical condition.
  • The length of time that you’ve been dealing with your condition(s).
  • The number of cells required to help achieve the desired results.

Myths About Stem Cell Therapy.


There are some misinformed people who say that if the cells are frozen that they are no longer viable. Yet, these same people readily recognize that the ability to freeze sperm and eggs and later put them together and it results in a pregnancy. That does not make good sense. All you have to do is ask any lady who has had a baby in the last 15 years or so if they were asked if they want to freeze the stem cells from their umbilical cord blood. Because they all get asked by the hospital because stem cells can and are frozen for use years later.

Steps To Freezing Stem Cells


Why would they say that cells that are the building blocks for tissues, tendons, muscle, the bone will not survive being frozen, yet a sperm and an egg (where the same stem cells originate from) can survive? Some people would say it’s because they prefer to utilize another, but older fashioned and still viable method to getting fewer stem cells and that is via surgery which allows for the same people who don’t want you to use the frozen umbilical cord stem cells to have an additional item to charge and drive their revenue up.

Let’s face the truth.

Both methods for getting stem cells is going to cost you out of pocket.

Is Stem Cell Therapy Covered By Health Insurance?

The answer is no. There’s a debate that will likely be going on for quite a while as to why insurance will not pay for stem cell therapy. As stated before, it took a very long time for insurance companies to pay for bone marrow transplants too. And this was saving lives, not just relieving pain or rescuing people from dangerous surgeries.

The arguments will be put forth that the treatments have not been proven scientifically. Yet, there are a vast number of trials that are showing that people are getting great results.

If Insurance Will Not Pay, Then How Do People Pay For This Treatment?

We offer a variety of options for you to pay for treatment including convenient monthly finance payments. Please be sure to ask about this very popular option.

Are Stem Cells Guaranteed To Work?

No. But just in case you did not know this. Surgery is not only NOT guaranteed to work. You have to sign off that you have a chance of going to sleep and not waking up from the surgery. Plus there is the very real risk of opioid addiction. Plus there are the very real risks associated with infections from just being in the hospital. If you want to see a very scary statistic. Google how many people die each year as a result of infection from being hospitalized. It is very sobering.

Meniscus repair costs may be paid for by health insurance, but the knee cartilage according to a study may not be repaired even via surgery. That is why stem cell therapy could possibly be your best option.

Vial of stem cells

Are we saying hospitals are bad? NO! We are simply saying that there are real risks associated with the traditional surgery and pain pills that have been the way most doctors have treated people who have joint pains or who need surgeries due to meniscus tears or ACL tears or other degenerative cartilage, bones, and joints. And the traditional methods used to be the absolute best option. 

Now there are new options that you should consider.

Stem cell therapy costs in India and in the UK have extreme ranges. And when you add in the costs of travel it makes these options out of the reach for most people unless you’re looking to drop 25k to get treatment. It is essentially the same type of cost for you to travel to an island or some of the other places that the wealthy may go to get treatments. For these folks, spending that type of money is a badge of honor to come back and brag about what they spent. But it just doesn’t make sense for the majority of the people who will be reading this information.

We have a general range for the investment to get regenerative cellular treatment and that starts around 4k. Then it goes from there depending on if you need multiple shots and depending on if you need multiple locations. The investment may go up to get a larger volume of cells, but to state what your investment will be without consultation is really not possible. And once again, insurance will not pay for this. The good news is you can make monthly payments to help you get the pain relief that you’re seeking.

What are the uses of stem cells?

The list for what stem cells may eventually be used to treat is only up to the imagination of the pioneers who are leading the advancements in this amazing medical breakthrough.

Potential Future Uses Of Stem Cells

The clinical trials are seeing great results in such a vast amount of areas from Alzheimer’s to cancer to heart disease and of course joint pains which is the only area that we provide treatment. Can we help you with your area of concern? The only way to answer that question is to have you to speak with our medical staff and after that, we will be able to share with you what we may or may not be able to do. This is not a cure-all. Yet, it has been getting exciting results. Here’s a shortlist of only some of the areas that people seek treatment for:


  • Knee
  • ACL
  • Bone on Bone
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Meniscus Tear
  • Hip
  • Hip Labral Tears
  • Hip Osteoarthritis
  • Shoulder
  • Rotator Cuff Tear
  • Shoulder Labrum Tear
  • Shoulder Osteoarthritis
  • Back
  • Failed Back Surgery
  • Bulging Disc
  • Herniated Disc
  • Neck Pain
  • Torn Disc
  • Elbow
  • Tennis & Golf Elbow
  • Hand/Wrist
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • TFCC Tear
  • Thumb Osteoarthritis
  • Foot/Ankle
  • Ankle Ligament Tears
  • Ankle Osteoarthritis
  • Ankle Tendon Tears
  • Toe Osteoarthritis and much much more.

How long does it take for stem cell therapy to work?

The typical time frame for the cells to do the regenerative work has a lot of factors. Each patient will be different because once again, all the cells are doing is giving your body a chance to heal itself. If your body responds quickly or a bit less quickly will be dependent on too many variables to account for. Having said that, most people will see and feel the results within a 90-day window. It’s important to note that some people will experience pain relief fairly quickly because of the extremely powerful anti-inflammatory properties associated with this treatment. The inflammation may be the actual cause of pain so when it is reduced then the pain may reduce. 

The cells will still need time to help regenerate the degenerated joint or torn muscle or tendon. And a question we often get is how long will the result last? There is not a real way to answer this because if you’re doing something to your body that leads to the injury or degeneration then if you get injured again or if you don’t resolve whatever the initial cause of the damage then you may end up with a damaged joint again. That makes sense right? But in general, once the damage is taken care of, your body should be in a state of no or less pain because the cause of the pain was taken care of. This is drastically different than putting an artificial part in your body which means you will need to see the doctor for the rest of your life to see how the joint is doing. And they tell you the part is not permanent. Which means you will need surgery again as long as you’re alive. Or you will need to take pain pills. These long term consequences are not part of regenerative medicine.

Do stem cell treatments work?

The answer is yes. But the follow-up question is do they work all of the time. The answer is no. But just like surgery does not work all of the time. And the great news is you don’t have to sign off on a risky surgery and there are no addictive pills or other non-natural elements to put into your body.

If you believe in the power the made the body is the power that can heal the body then stem cells are a treatment that you really should investigate before you opt for surgery or even before you opt for the damaging cortisone shots.

Think of it like this.

Pills and cortisone shots simply cover up the cause of the pain. The surgery takes the cause of the pain out of your body but replaces it with a new cause and a guaranteed need to keep going to the doctor and the eventual need to replace the replacement. But stem cell therapy takes the cells that were in your body and uses them to help your body to rebuild itself so that you still have the cartilage, muscles, tendons, tissues, etc that is original to your body. And there’s less risk.

When you look at the facts, it makes this treatment very compelling doesn’t it?

We agree. Give us a call. Or come to a complimentary seminar to learn more about this ever-advancing medical breakthrough. We look forward to meeting you.