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Until recently, stem cell injections in Florida to treat knee pain would not be thought of if you’re considering ACL surgery in Jacksonville Florida because surgery was the only remedy available for patients who’re plagued with chronic pain and stiffness following an ACL injury. That’s no longer the case. Stem cell therapy is gaining traction as a viable way to treat knee pain and a myriad of problems without going under the knife.

One major breakthrough in regenerative medicine is the use of stem cell injections to assist the body to heal naturally. No longer touted as a fad, stem cell therapy is helping patients recover from injuries and chronic pain. It’s an easier route for patients who are seeking treatment for arthritis or damaged knees or elbow pain among other physical conditions, which make mobility a challenge.

How does it work? Stem cells are delivered to the appropriate area via injection. Once the stem cells reach the area, they start to activate new health tissues to replace damaged muscles, tendons, bones, and cartilage.

Unlike surgery which seeks to reconstruct using foreign parts or by removing damaged parts, stem cell therapy aims to regenerate tissue by activating the growth of new and healthy cells where they’re required. It taps into the body’s natural healing and repair process to remedy a myriad of health problems and conditions. Stem cell injections are administered and within an hour regeneration starts.

knee pain
Knee pain can strike at any time

Avoid Surgery If You Can – It’s Risky

Bleeding and blood clots are twin challenges that many patients face when they undergo surgery. If not managed well, they can be life-threatening—but that’s not all. There’s also the risk of disease transmission if a graft comes from an infected cadaver. Plus, anytime you have to use anesthesia there’s a peril which is greater for people who are older.

Post-reconstructive surgery isn’t smooth for anyone who is experiencing knee, hip, shoulder, elbow pain. The journey to recovery is marked with continued knee pain and weakness. Loss of control or motion takes away the joy of living as patients are unable to perform even the most basic tasks.  Improper healing may occur especially if the recipient’s immune system rejects the graft.

Kids who undergo knee replacement surgery instead of receiving stem cell injections are prone to growth template injuries. The affected bones are located at the end of both arms and legs. In the event of an injury, the bones may become short. In adults, the risk of bleeding and infections are real when they go for ACL surgeries.

While surgery is a standard procedure in treating arthritis and joint pain in general, the associated risks – both short term and long-term—are too high a price to pay. That explains why some patients opt for milder treatment options instead of ACL reconstruction surgeries. If you’re concerned about the risks of surgery, consider stem cell treatment, a safer alternative to joint surgery.

Stem cell therapy can offer lasting relief from pain without having to endure lengthy and painful surgeries. All it takes is a visit to a qualified medical professional who’ll select a stem cell protocol and administer injections to the injured area.

Cortisone injections May Cause More Damage Than Good

Some patients opt for cortisone injections instead of stem cell injections whenever they experience arthritis or joint inflammation.  The ugly truth is cortisone is known to weaken and to suppress the immune system. Also, it raises blood sugar levels among people with diabetes, so it’s not recommended for patients with blood sugar numbers over 200.

Even worse is the fact that cortisone injections cause damage to tendons and predisposes patients to tendon tear or rupture. We can’t rule out the possibility of a mini infection after every injection either. Because of the risk of disease transmission, patients have to clean the area when the injection is administered.

Far too often, patients go for multiple sessions without understanding the dangers of cortisone injections. They do this to mask their elbow or knee pains, but eventually, they wear out. The temporary relief that an injection brings makes them overlook, if not ignore, the underlying issue. That sets the stage for other problems such as obesity, poor body control, and autoimmune disorders.

Common Stem Cell Therapy Injections for Pain

The most popular type of stem cell therapy is HUCT. This option uses umbilical cord-tissue derived stem cells (mesenchymal stem cells) to treat osteoarthritis, a degenerative disease which causes joint pain, locking, and stiffness. Cord umbilical cells proliferate faster than older cells, hence are more effective in regenerating damaged tissues, inducing healing, and relieving the pain.

HUCT is a highly-effective as an intervention for chronic pain and may in certain situations be a superior alternative to invasive surgical procedures. As well as being a natural non-invasive option, HUCT therapy yields better, faster, and lasting results. Treatments are administered the same day. That’s not the case when you go under the knife to remedy knee problems, elbow pain, or a disjointed hip. With stem cell treatments, you will be in and out of the office many times in less than an hour and you’re back out doing your daily routines.


From relieving acute pain to helping body parts recover from chronic tearing or debilitating diseases, HUCT stem cell treatments restore body function. Thousands of patients in the USA have received stem cells with success. Talk to our office to see if you’re eligible for this fast, virtually painless, and reliable treatment.

Tiffany Campbell
Tiffany Campbell

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