Stem Cells in Jacksonville – Helping Hip Pains?

What do the stem cells do for my hip?

Pain in the hip area can be caused by issues with a variety of muscles, ligaments,

tendons and

tissues surrounding the hip joint. Osteoarthritis is one of the common causes of the breakdown

of these materials in the body. An injection of stem cells into the damaged site can aid in

regeneration and regrowth of the damaged areas, relieving pain.

What can I expect during my appointment?

At your initial appointment, one of our physicians will do an examination and determine which

areas would be most beneficial for you to get stem cell therapy treatments.

What does the treatment involve?

The procedure is a small injection of stem cells to stimulate regrowth in the damaged area.

Many patients say they feel a slight discomfort at the injection site, but overall the procedure is a

pleasant experience.

In which ways are stem cells distributed?

There are four methods used to inject stem cells into the body: IM (intramuscular), IVP

(intravenous push), IV infusion, IA (intra-articular), SQ (subcutaneous) Each therapy plan and

method is determined by your personal needs after your examination.

When can I get back to my everyday activities?

Low-intensity daily activities may be resumed the day after, but we recommend you rest for the

first 24-48 hours. More strenuous physical activities, should be refrained from for four weeks after the procedure.

When will I start to see my results?

Often, our patients start seeing noticeable results in just three weeks after their treatment.

Maximum results can occur in as little as six months after the initial injection.

How do I know if I’m a good candidate for the treatment?

Our physicians will do a complete examination on-site to determine which areas, if any, would

benefit from the stem cell therapy treatment.

Where do the stem cells come from?

The stem cells are an all-natural compound found in the human body and are created for the

sole purpose of regenerating broken down cells in our system. All stem cell therapy treatments

at our facility are done with umbilical cord stem cells. These cells are harvested from the

umbilical cord blood voluntarily donated by healthy mothers after the birth of their healthy child.

Tiffany Campbell
Tiffany Campbell

Tiffany Campbell has over 12 years in clinical research. She has been the Executive Director at a leading institute and worked at Indiana University, Regenstrief & Indiana Clinical Translational Sciences Institute. She's been an international consultant with multiple clients including Google. Tiffany is a behavioral economics geek who loves her family including her pet Pomsky 'Luna' who has a special place in her heart. She has a passion & drives to create & grow products and businesses that change peoples' lives for the better.
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