Which Jax FL Stem Cell Clinic You Should Choose?|S.A.F.E. Is Your Answer -Here’s Why.

The remarkable results associated with stem cell therapy are continuing to make the news. If you’re watching the news in the Jacksonville, Florida area then you’re probably seeing news stories talking about stem cell injections for knees and hips and a number of different locations.

A popular method for getting the stem cells is to extract them from your hip and utilize them after they are processed. This is a proven method with a long list of successful treatments. Many people will opt for this method.

It is not what we provide at Regenerative Medicine of North Florida because of a number of different reasons. Having said that, we’ll review in a different blog a few of the reasons, but for this entry we want to be clear in stating that if you opt for the surgical process associated with this method, and the possible down time, as well as the lessor amount of stem cells potential because if you’re climbing up in years then your stem cell count is lower than what is available via other stem cell sourcing methods, then this is 100% your choice.

Why Did We Choose What We Chose?

S. A. F. E.

We use the acronym SAFE which stands for ‘Safe, Affordable, Fast, & Effective.

We use the human umbilical cord stem cells because the volume of the type of cells needed for the treatments is staggeringly higher than what other methods may provide. Now, this is not always the case, but if you’re older then your stem cells will be less available via the hip extraction and the stem cell supply availability is much higher in the umbilical cords.

You can research this to validate and verify.

The safety, is always first, but we also wanted to make it available to more than just the affluent. So the affordable component was a big aspect. Granted, the price is still not considered to be low, but the price of losing out on being able to the things you want to do, but can’t due to pain is a MUCH higher price to pay. I’m sure you agree – Right?

Fast, is the next aspect of our process, and we don’t want you to confuse haste with speed. Haste does make waste. We want to get you up and going as fast as possible, but in the proper fashion. So we utilize technology to detect, and diagnose. We then apply the process with the intentions of getting you the maximum results from your stem cell injections. The results vary and we can not guarantee results. The list of people who have had tremendous experiences is long.

And that takes us to the last, but not least part of our process, Effective.

Effective means we are targeting a better quality of life and a greater opportunity to be mobile and enjoy life the way you used to enjoy it. We are wanting you to live life to it’s fullest and that is more than just the physical aspects.

We recognize that physical pain drains you emotionally and mentally too. Renewing your emotional possibilities and renewing your mental capabilities because of not having to drag the anchor and dread of pain is a big goal that we’re striving to reach.

Stem cell injections can truly make a world of difference in so many different areas that it makes it an exciting time to be on a team that cares for people. Your Regenerative Medicine of North Florida Team.

If you have questions or desire to get stem cell therapy please call us or send an email, because we would love to help you Renew Your Possibilities!

Your Regenerative Medicine of North Florida Team.


Below is an article that give some more basic information about what is stem cell therapy and some info regarding the process that is NOT available via Regenerative Medicine of North Florida Team.. You may be thinking, ‘If you don’t provide it, then why are you sharing information about a possible competitive process?”. The answer is simple. You.

Here’s what we mean when we say ‘You’.

We want you to have all the information and allow you to make the choice that you feel is best for you. Simply put, we want your health to be better and if you select our services then we’re excited to help you. And if you select another service and if it works like ours does then we’re excited for you then too.

Bottom line, whether you come to us or not, we want YOU to have the life void of pain in the manner that you truly deserve.

Enjoy the article and give us a call if you have questions. 

Sports medicine doctor Trevor Bullock talks about how stem cell therapy is being used to help repair injured tissues, and reduce inflammation and pain.

Source: Stem cell therapy: What you need to know

Tiffany Campbell
Tiffany Campbell

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